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We value each and every person who is coming to our event and for the conference we want to get the best experience for everyone. Thus we would kindly ask you to make yourself familiar with our Code of Conduct if you want to attend the conference.


We chose six high-level speakers entertaining you during this evening at the conference.


The event was held at the Kölner Künstler Theater in central Cologne, Germany. Here are some of the photos taken by the awesome Stefan Nitzsche during the conference.

Copyright: Stefan Nitzsche

More photos are available at his flickr page.

How to find the venue

The venue is located in the center of Cologne Ehrenfeld, one of the neighbourhoods where youth like to meet—with a lot of small cafés, bars, restaurants and clubs.


We are very thankful to everyone who helps us with the event – especially our sponsors supporting us with money so we can keep the admission price that low and cover all our costs.

Our Gold Sonsors will have a dedicated contact person at the conference for your questions. Please come and ask them about the company's work, jobs and opinions.

Gold Sponsors

Silver Sponsors


Besides our sponsors we thank our friends and partners in crime for being there for us when we need them most.

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Find the schedule of the evening (yes, all times are p.m.) here:

Doors open


Aral Balkan

Video of the keynote

A Vision for Style Guides in 2015

Nico Hagenburger

Video of the talk Slides of the talk

Change of perspective – Reflecting UX

Jasmin Boje

Dumping native <select>

Alice Bartlett

Video of the talk Slides of the talk

Establishing Performance Contexts

Ian Feather

Video of the talk Slides of the talk

Designing Meaningful Things

Steffen Süpple

Thank you & Good Bye

The NightlyBuild team

After Party

There’s an open after party location (free and open for everyone) at a bar around the corner. This is not an official thing but we’re happy to continue the great evening and end it with a few drinks and good conversations.